Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's 3-ish in the afternoon here on Thursday, which would make it about 70 hours so far that I've gone without running water. I got home after the longest day on Tuesday and all I could think of was how excited I was for a shower! I didn’t even mind that we don’t have warm water,because it is so hot here anyway, a cold shower would've felt great.
When I got home late my roommate said, in this order, "We don't have any water... You look hot." Her cute British accent made the bad news only a little bit easier to hear.
Richard, my teacher/host brother told me that they usually lose water supply in the dry season (which it’s changing into now) and that it can last 3 days to a week. But he said he thinks it will be back soon. He doesn’t mention why he thinks this, but I’m agreeing with him whole-heartedly.
I've been doing my best with what they call "bucket showers" using water from a jerry can, but I just can't really trick myself into feeling clean. Freda, my roommate, has been here a little longer than me. She knows her way around and has a plan for buying a night at the local backpacker's hostel, just to use the shower. She's free Sunday so if we don't have running water by then I am definitely going to be joining her.
I know I should be using my blog time to talk more about my silly complaints. So, here's a picture from the culture dance I went to last night.

eeeek! sorry I'm a horrible photograhper. can you believe I used to get paid for that?! haha.

i have a lot more and probably better ones, but i'm out of time!


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