Thursday, November 18, 2010

Believe it or not, my flights into Uganda were all on time and pretty much problem-free.

-except they took my deodorant on the LAST one because apparently deodorant counts as gel, even if the label ont he front clearly reads "SOLID" >=(

I convinced my friend Andras to come keep me company at JFK, which was nice too. I didn't sleep much on the plane but was welcomed by my hosts with hugs and helping hands for all of my luggage. Herman told me one the ride home from the airport that by the end of my trip I wouldn't want to come back and that my loved ones at home should be worried. He said "it's not comfortable" like I'm used to, but that Uganda is a beautiful place with very friendly people. I can't argue with any of it so far!

The house is adorable and very cozy.
I share a bedroom and bathroom with a British retiree (but I think she's pretty young by American retiree standards) named Freda, who's been here a month and will stay for 2 more.
This first week I'll be learning the language and doing some sight-seeing, getting to know Kampala.
I don't have a lot of internet access but I'll update as much as possible!


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