Monday, October 11, 2010

My Party with a Purpose

Some of you might be visiting this blog from the link I included in the thank you notes at my Lodge Bar fundraiser.

The fundraiser went a lot better than I was expecting. I was competing against the rain, combined with our non-walking-distance location and apparently some pretty big football games that people did not want to move during.

20 minutes into my two-hour happy hour and I was getting really nervous, because no one had shown up. At all. I thought I had drug my mom out to Columbus and ran all around the city that day and was going toend up spending more money than what I made. Kami and Steve came to my rescue first, and everyone else rolled in by 8ish. Not a ton of people came (maybe around 15?) but everyone who came was really generous! Between my bake sale and guest bar tending with Patty, we ended up doing pretty well.

As I told the guests at my fundraiser, there isn't any one specific amount I'm trying to raise. Basically, the more I get the more I will be able to commit in the form of time, energy and most directly donations in the form of supplies to the Ttenga Child Development Center I'll be working at.

I'll make a new post about finances for the trip, since that's a whole new story in and of itself! Let me just say there's absolutely no such thing as a cheap trip to Africa (duh).

Here are some pictures* for those of you who haven't seen them:

Thank you SO much, everyone who was pictured
as well as Mike, Dan, Bobby, Amanda, Viral and Leslie!

* also thanks for the stolen pics Patty and Kami =)

I said on my thank you notes that my paypal could be found on this blog. The closest I could get to having a button on my page is to add it at the end of my posts. If anyone is better with this PLEASE help me as I'd like to put it somewhere else, like in the sidebar.

But for now, it's here. Feel free to donate to my PayPal if you couldn't make my happy hour! and maybe I will still make you a drink some time =)

(budget/expense report available upon request, and don't be afraid to ask!)

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